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"Sweden’s International Stewardess Program"

We are primarily a private vocational school specializing in training programs for stewardesses, deck-hands, and kitchen staff as well as providing services for recruitment and coaching.

The company was founded to satisfy the branch’s growing needs for trained staff. We have extensive experiences in the yacht industry and have personal work experience as a member of different crews around the world

Due to the fact that we have worked within the very core of the branch, we’ve vast experienced with a number of different crews, some that work extremely well, and others not as optimal as could have been due to various reasons. This has lead to a thorough understanding of the realities of working as a member of a yacht crew member. Working with people from different backgrounds, personalities and experiences within the relatively small confines of a yacht for moths or sometimes years, can be a challenge, which is the reason we wish to aid others in similar situations. While assisting the crew is a main objective, support for the employer/ owner is paramount, ensuring they are afforded optimal conditions for keeping their crew intact for as long as is wished. With continuity, both the staff and employer familiarize themselves with each other; the staff picks up on the family’s traditions and routines which facilitates the crews’ ability to provide outstanding service.

Our third mission is therefore orientated towards providing the crew and owner support and crew development onboard in the form of Crew Coaching. If you require professional assistance with communication, problem solving or providing proof of relationships or events that have occurred on board your yacht, contact us for free consultation. We review your case and suggest a course of action based on the events that have taken place.

We are discrete and have the upmost respect for privacy and integrity with each and every request. Your involvement in coaching is paramount for us and we ensure continuous correct and relevant information concerning the chain of events. You are under no obligation and are free to terminate collaboration at any time.

More detailed information on our course of action, prices, contracts and successful collaboration etc can be provided by contacting us using the information provided below:

Malin Linder

Swedish Yacht Crew School
E-mail: info@swedishyachtcrewschool.net

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